This Unique Biotech is a Formula that combines ‘Microbes’ good to overcome evil bacteria infection and insect attack ‘Prevention’ (Anti Insect Pest) to cause destruction and failure of fruits to be hampered.

Organic fertilizer has ’10 Type Bacillus’ which was inspired by the discovery of a personal right which was previously not available from any of the products throughout the world.The ‘Bacillus’ contain is openly evidence to users of ten ‘Bacillus” inside available on this formula. To assure the product has a special formula that is proven to be integrated in Recent discoveries in the industries in agriculture today.

Capability of yuli

Resolves palm tree problems due to poor assimilation of complete nutrient resulting from external impediments such as rainy and drought factors, causing declining yields.

Treats palm trees infected by pest like bagworms, termites, etc.

Increases yield, even on problematic soils such as sandy and clayey soils.

Treats “male tree” syndrome.

Treats palm trees infected with Ganoderma and truck base decay. withering leaf base and cluster base decay.

Overcomes problem of acidic soil resulting from over-usage of chemical fertilizer causing decline in yield.

Rejuvenates old trees to recover productiveness.